Sunday, July 1, 2012

Harvey Bear Ranch 7.3 miles - Roop Road Entrance

Harvey Bear Ranch 7.3 miles - Roop Road Entrance
Another nice day of hiking with MWW at Harvey Bear Ranch.  We started at the Roop Road entrance which is I have only done a couple of times.  The hike was actually about 7.3 miles but I was a little late in starting my GPS.  The weather reached the low 80s with a slight breeze and there were as few clouds that made an amazing day for pictures.  Along the way we saw a few Red Tail Hawks, some Buzzards cruising around, a Buzzard couple sunning on an old tree and a Woodpecker passing the time.  We also say some deer, including a large buck, a few wild Turkeys and a Norther Flicker but they were all a bit bashful.

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