Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pacheco Park - 7.9mi

Story:  A couple times a year we like to go hiking at Pacheco State Park, also known as Dinosaur Point. What MWW, Penny, and I thought was going to be a cool foggy day ended being sunny, warm and in the mid 80's.  We left the parking lot around 10:40am for our 8 mile journey and for some reason this hike always feels like a real journey.  The climb from the South Boundary Loop Trail up Spikes Peak Trail just sucks it right out of you.  We did have a good day and saw a family of Tule Elk, these Elk are only found in California with a population of ~4,000.  This is the first time we have seen these Elk and I was bummed I was not able to get a better photo.  The first time we saw them they were only 50 yards away and then by the time I saw them again to get a picture they must have been 300+ yards away.  We also saw dozens of Red Tail Hawks, Buzzards and of course the landscape.

GPX Tracks: Pacheco State Park - 7.9 mi at EveryTrail
Trails:  Pig Pond, Canyon Loop East, South Bondary Loop, Spikes Peak, Pig Pond

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